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Launch of Itradealot Community Forum

Here is the Email Sent for the launch of itradealot Community forum.

Hi there,
We would like to invite you to itradealot community forum, Namibia’s first online community forum. For those that aren’t sure as to what a forum is. Here is the definition:
• An Internet forum, or message board, is an online discussion site where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages.
The benefits of using a forum are endless. Topics are seperated into specific categories, you are able to search for keywords related to your question/topic, saving you the time of having to ask for the same info. It promotes interaction from people that previously weren’t able to connect.

itradealotcommunity has categories for:
• General discussions- Where you can chat about anything and everything.
• Sport – Soccer to bowling and everything inbetween, feel free to share your sporting topics here.
• News – Local and International News – A place to discuss current affairs.
• Music,Movies & TV – dicuss current music, tv shows and movies.
• Tech corner – Need some IT help? Not sure which TV to buy? Cellphone Problems? or is all this modern tech getting to much? You in the right place.
• Regional – Discussions specific to the regions in Namibia, the rest of Africa & Enviromental topics.
• Advice center – If you need to find something or need help or advice, this is the place to ask it.
• Hobbies – Share your hobby info, or if you would like to take up a new hobby, share it here.
• Club Corner – For clubs/teams/societies who want their own sub forum for discussions and notices.
-The itradealot community forum is a place where Namibia’s can come together and ask questions, discuss current events and share stories in one easy to use forum. No more multiple facebook groups where discussions are lost.
-If you are unsure on to how to use the forum, here are the how to guides and here are the FAQ’s.
-What sets itradealotcommunity forum apart is that it is being run and managed by Namibian’s. Its flexable and dedicated to Namibia.
-If you are the manager/owner/head of any club or association and would like to have a subforum dedicated for your members, please feel free to contact us and we will gladly help you. We can even make it password protected & a membership only forum if you would like to keep it private.
-All languages are welcome. So feel free to speak in your home language on the forum. We only have English as the forum language so that everyone can understand.
-Our Forum is also mobile phone friendly, using the tapatalk app, you can access our forum from your phone. If you would like to find out more, head over to the howto section on the forum and click on the How to access the forum on your cellphone/tablet thread.
Why should Namibian’s struggle and be dependant on facebook groups and other forums when we can have our own forum. Register today and become part of the itradealot community forum.
If you would like to get involved with the management of the forum, please contact us at


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