Email Marketing

Using email as a marketing tool has become essential to the modern day business. It gives you as a business owner/sales agent/marketing agent so much more options and benefits compared to printed and telephonic marketing.

  • Real time messaging and instant confirmation of delivery, make sure your client gets the information, right away.
  • Be able to build a steady routine of marketing
  • Minimal overhead costs
  • It's environmentally friendly

You can use Our Mailing solution for almost any email communications.

  • New product or service announcement
  • Weekly/monthly newsletter
  • Company Notices( eg. closed over a certain period)
  • Simply to wish your clients happy holidays

Namib Mailer can be customised and developed to your specific needs. We offer varies solutions, depending on your requirements, budget and technical skills level. Now you may wonder, why use a dedicated mailing system as opposed to sending it from your email program like outlook? Here are a few benefits of using Namib Mailer:

  • Allows you the freedom to create personalised messages for individual clients with minimal effort, while still having a large list of clients
  • Added security for your mailing list. Each email gets send individually, so no one in your mailing list can see the other recipients, as is the case when sending from some desktop mail application.
  • Reduced time and effort on your part, use templates for your emails, and only change the information within them
  • Be able to track your campaign with detailed reports on who received the emails, who opened them, and who clicked on the links with the email.
  • Schedule your campaigns ahead of time, no need for you to sit in front of the computer all day sending emails, let the server do all the work for you.
  • All you have to do is click send once, and carry on with you daily work, with peace of mind that your emails will reach their destination.
  • It allows multiple team members to work on the same campaign
  • The server will handle all the bounce back emails and return to sender, so that your mailbox doesn't fill up with it.
  • Have thousands of email addresses, without any strain on your email program (eg. outlook)
  • Have dedicated lists, for different client bases, and send campaigns to those specific lists